Friday, April 29, 2011

Thor Almighty

This'll just be another movie review with of what happened today.

So, as usual I woke up with a puppy on my face (my dog likes to sleep on my chest. If not on my chest, then on my head). My boyfriend and I planned a date today since it's been like a gajillion years since we last saw each other, minus the times we spent on Skype ogling each other. He went all the way to Alabang just to see me (he's from Q.C, people) and just knowing he'd do that for me totally made my day. For some reason, I forgot why I didn't just drive to ATC instead of commuting under the scorching heat and surviving heavy traffic. Plus, old lady who was sitting next to me on the jeep kept yapping her life away to the person she was talking to on the phone.

Old ladies, aside. I finally got to hug my lovesy. I held his hand again. I felt his kisses. Magical moments right there, guys. I have been so used to have him around, that every time I reach out my hand I expect his to reach out for mine. And back hugs from him, I can't even begin to describe. Anyway, we had lunch at Pepper Lunch (looove that place) and that's where I let him taste the Orgasmic Cake (sorry, guys. That's what I call it). Basically, it's melted awesome chocolate cake with ice cream on the side. Heaven. Orgasmic.

We watched the movie around 3PM. And lemme just tell you, my boyfriend and I agreed that THOR had made its way to the number 1 spot of our favorite Marvel movies.

So, I'd like to spoil some parts but I'd rather not. Let's just say that the visuals were awesome. The shots taken were amazing. Graphics, thumbs up! Actors and actresses, not bad. You bet you'd be saying your "Ooohhh"s and "Ahhhh"s until the end of the movie. EXTRA, EXTRA: Chris Hemsworth (the actor who plays Thor) is totally God of Thunder-worthy. He looks like a hot Australian God. Why does that armor fit him so perfectly? It makes me want to wish that I was the armor around him. And not to mention the number of times I squealed when they did a close-up on his face, just enough to see his baby blue eyes. I was practically hiding under my boyfriend's arm, giggling, when I saw Chris topless (MY GOD, THAT BODY WAS SMOKIN'). The boyfriend didn't mind, he just kept laughing at how much I was crushing on this person on the screen. Crackers (the story behind "crackers": It's how my boyfriend and I curse instead of saying f*ck or f*ckers. Hohoho).

Chris Hemsworth, I adore thee.

Natalie Portman wasn't too bad herself. As always, she looked stunning even though she wore layers of shirts plus a plaid shirt to cover those layers of shirts. Kat Dennings (Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist) was in the movie too, acting as adorable as ever like she did when she played Norah's role. There was also the actor who played Loki, who really looked like Zooey Deschanel. My boyfriend laughed his ass off when he saw what I meant. The whole story of the movie was at a certain flow that I wish to see in most movies (Hint: Sucker Punch). You'd totally understand what it was about. It didn't go around in circles, it was just easy to comprehend the events in the movie. It had a great plot. So, I won't blame critics for rating it with ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆.

Well, you could say that Enchong and I were totally blown away. It was insane. We couldn't stop talking about it. We went to Golden Spoon after the movie, and talked more about...the movie. We went to National Bookstore. I was looking for a copy of Perks of Being A Wallflower (dang it. Out of stock---AGAIN) and being the Marvel geeks we are, we checked out all the graphic novels/comics that they had of THOR. We went to Toys R Us, and yes. You guessed it, we went looking for THOR toys. We wore THOR helmets and went looking for THOR action figures. We saw this soft toy version of Mjolnir (if you don't know what that is, please read) and we practically fought over it. I really wanted to buy one (only because I'd look so badass). It was expensive though.

We ended the day getting massages from a lazy boy chair and planning our next date. When it was time to day good-bye, I literally teared up. He kissed me so many times on the forehead and cheek, I lost count. I hated seeing him go. I always hate seeing him go. I watched him ride the jeep with a heavy heart. Le sigh. 

So, that ends our broadcast day.