Saturday, April 9, 2011

My God, my room is amazingly clean

So, what I've been doing for this summer totally paid off. I've spent 3 nights fixing, redecorating, and reorganizing everything in my room. From walls to the ceiling. It took me one whole day just to dust and mop my room. Anyway, I wish I had a before and after picture, but unfortunately I don't. Ha-ha! Here are some pics of my finished room.

So when you enter my room, this is the first thing you will see.

These are pictures of my door. That caveman looking poster up there came with my Holga camera. It's a Holga poster. Pretttty cool. The second photo has a photo of me drawing (taken by my friend Ashley). And the last one has 2X2 pics of my supposed-to-be passport pictures. I look pretty good with a beard. Plus, I pasted my medical receipt when I was sick for 4 days. Har har.
Annnd, there's my wall of stuff. And my bathroom door.
A better view of my wall of stuff. (Inspired by Charlie McDonnell)
Caitlin helped with the wall of stuff. She painted the word "LOVE" on a piece of paper and cut it up and pasted it on ze wall. I put pictures of my boyfriend and I beside it.

Picture of my bathroom door. (Yis, I painted that.)
"You're weird. I like that." sign from my friend, Caloy.
My Certificate of Recognition for being the Inspiration of The East. (DeMolay Installation)

This shelf used to be full of drawing pads and rejected plates/artwork. I finally found the heart to throw some away. So now, I just replaced it with a picture frame with my mom and I and another one with Caitlin and I as kids. Plus, my holga camera and my Sun 600 polaroid.
Finally organized my bookshelf! :)
My mirror full of pictures! I decided to make this my "work place". Where I can blog, edit pictures, and...twitter comfortably. HA-HA.
I am also proud to say that I also cleaned my MacBook, 'cause the keypads were sort of dusty. BOO. :|
Added Christmas lights to the room! I was so inspired by fuckyeahcoolbedrooms on tumblr. They look lovely when all the other lights are off.

Annnd...this is our FAIL mobile. Ha-ha! But, it looks pretty decent doesn't it? 
So, there. I wish I took a picture of my bed too, but it was the only part of the room that was messy (of, course we slept on it last night. Duy). But, I have to say that cleaning the room was the most productive thing I've ever done this start of summer. Prettyyyyy gooood. :)

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