Saturday, February 5, 2011

How I spend my weekends with a FIZZLE, not with a BANG.

People probably think that I spend my weekends in the mall or somewhere out of town. But, nah. HARDLY. I'd like to think of my weekends as a chance to have the well-deserved rest we CFAD students need. After all the stress and terrible happenings that occurred this week, I think we all deserve it. My weekends are partly similar to Olive Penderghast's---minus the famous "Pocket Full of Sunshine" bit.

I don't have any productivity on Saturdays. I like to laze around like the rest of you do. But, I'd just like a recap of what I did (specifically) today.

Last night, I tried downloading TANGLED (heaven forbid) because I still couldn't get over it. It is genuinely addictive ( not to mention the number of times I played its OST on repeat). Well, it took quite a while to download and unfortunately I fell asleep and I couldn't wait for it to finish. When I woke up, it was done. But, holy guacamole the copy sucked ancient balls (and might I add: EWW). I was so disappointed that I literally wanted to stab someone in their aorta.

So, anyway. I was kind of in the mood to watch Easy A again, but Caitlin's copy sucked so I had to download it. (I am Lady Downloader. Bow down before moi!) It took like 3 hours. I didn't wanna wait for it; so I decided to watch Pretty Little Liars with Caitlin.

Then I remembered that I had to go to the dentist because 2 of my brackets didn't agree with the food I was eating and gave up. Essentially, they are a pain in the, mouth for that matter. Anywho, I arrived at my dentist's (my dad's dentist, too. Hohoho), who by the way is named Dr. Docto. No, seriously. It is. Doctor Thor Docto to be exact. Jeez, his name is so catchy he could be a friggin' Marvel superhero and villain at the same time.

So, basically that's just half of what I did today. I think I'll just list a few more before I log out.

1.) I watch ridiculous videos on Youtube. The latest was about this guy creating a sim on Sims 3 and him laughing for 2 minutes because of a goat climbing up a ladder. Hilarious, btw. But, I really like this one video of an episode on MTv Cribs: Manny Pacquiao's house in God-knows-where.

2.) So, yeah. We all know that I was online 24/7 today reblogging on Tumblr and Google-ing stuff.

3.) On weekends, I love spending time with Caitlin. We've been busy all week and sometimes I hardly see her. I don't like calling her my cousin, because she's my sister. I told her one time that, "I think we we're really our past lives, maybe." I'd like to think that it's true. Even the thought of it makes me squirm with delight.

4.) I update my Starbucks Planner every day. It doesn't take a break from me. Harhar.

5.) Now, as you all know I am in the earworm stage when it comes to Turbo Goth. I listened to their album the whole afternoon (whole week, fyi). For those who never heard of them (shame on you), they're this awesome band here in Metro Manila. They're this Electronic Rock band/duo that give me goosebumps everytime I hear 'em. Sarah Gaugler is one of my favorite tattoo artists and she studied in UST, CFAD. *:>  She's been here in our house a couple'a times, but I never got the guts to say hi to her. She gave this cd to my dad and my dad passed it on to me; he knew I liked Turbo Goth. Her boyfriend, Paolo is her partner-in-crime in this band. Aaaand, my favorite track would be track 8 (Velvet Escapade).
It goes like, "I have a whole lot of love to give, but I'll only give it to one. So, share a whole lot of love with me."  The album is called Destroy Us All.

6.) I chat with that one person who makes my life as colorful as a rainbow with unicorns prancing on it---my boyfriend. Today, he had his NSTP Fieldwork in San Fernando, Pampanga. He was busy the rest of the day so he couldn't text me. But, he made my night by going online and saying that he missed me the whole day. *blushes

So, basically. That's about it. A very manic Saturday, I know. Oh! Before I end this post, I'd just like to say that I am thinking of starting a video blog. A lot of work, I know. But, it's fun and I'm totally excited for it to happen. So, there.

Au revioir 

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