Friday, February 4, 2011

TANGLED, and why this movie is awesome hair balls.

And the day started off as a wreck. I woke up late as usual. It's crazy. All my classes start at 7 and I have been desperately training myself to wake up as early as possible. Back in 1st year college (when I was still an eager beaver), I used to wake up in the wee hours of 4AM. But, when you learn that there is such a thing as 4 absences before you become FA, that's when you get lazy and start to care less about going to school early. True story, kids.

Anywayyy, as I was saying: MORNING = WRECK
After all the panic and traffic, I arrived at school around 7:35 something and Oh,SweetJesus our prof wasn't there yet. So, I had a chance to take a chill pill as we waited for our prof to come.

Plate for today: We were supposed to draw an old man naked (top off only, people. Relax). And as if we weren't mortified enough that we were to draw this muscular old man, our prof suddenly tells us that we have to memorize his face and body for 10 seconds and draw for 7 seconds for each pose (he did 10 poses). At that moment, I could really apply /WRISTS in the picture.

Skipping the boring parts, classes ended early because we didn't have Design Workshop today. So, my boyfriend (as you all know by the name of Enchong)  and I decided to watch TANGLED in 3D since I have been whining to him all week that I really wanted to watch it. Plus, my guy friends kept bragging about how awesome it was. They even downloaded the movie again and the OST just because. Did I mention that these were my STRAIGHT guy friends? *laughs

So, after we ate at Starbucks we headed to Calderon (near the seminar in UST) first since the movie was showing at 2:30 (it was around 1PM something then). I took a nap on Enchong's lap, then we both walked in the scorching heat to ride a jeep going to SM San La.

250 friggin' pesos for the ticket. We were so broke. Ha-ha! But, I don't regret spending my last money for this movie. Now, I don't want to be a spoiler; but lemme just say that this movie is TO DIE FOR. You will never watch any Disney movie just as good. I also loved the graphics. It was so real yet surreal. And, the songs they sang! (Oh, the songs they sang) It was like being a little girl again and watching the first Disney Princesses sing their heart's content about finding their prince. It's been a long time since a Walt Disney movie had a musical in it.  I remember the feeling. I was sort of moved by this movie; especially in this scene:

I literally cried through my 3D glasses. It's like, I was there in that particular moment. I could feel it. The boyfriend (yes, that's what I call him) held my hand tight in the darkness. Sorry, but I am such as sap.

So, the movie ended and I could not get it off my mind. I loved it so much. I really recommend this movie for everyone. Touching, FUNNY, great story, and great cast. You wanna know how good it is? Well, let's just say that right now---I am downloading the movie for my laptop and iTouch.

                                                                                                                                                 Bee ♡

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